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Retail & CPG

Tell the world your Untold Retail Stories 


Retail and CPG

Tell the world your Untold Retail Stories 

In the 21st century, Millennials are a significant chunk of the target audience for retailers. Satisfying their demands meeting their expectations can be a tedious task. But, we have a plan that can work for retailers. The same technologies that leave Millennials dazzled can be harnessed in your favor. Computing power can provide you with analytics and optimization at unimaginable global levels. Siccion Labs has created a dynamic model that can become your roadmap to growth and expansion. 

We can help you enhance the efficiency of demand forecasting, decreasing supply-chain eros, or executing strategies for multi-channel engagement. We have on-board retail consultants with decades of experience who understand the intricacies of the business and the inside secrets of trading. We can help you kick off your digital transformation journey to satisfy the demands and expectations of new clients.

Services we offer:

E-Commerce Solutions

We create personalized and future-proof solutions integrated with advancing technologies. Our consulting services focus on different eCommerce platforms worldwide, including Hybris and Magento.

Company systems to company vision

Our strategies focus on aligning and integrating various segments of the businesses to match your brand vision. We leverage our relationships with resources such as Microsoft, Salesforce, SAP, and Infor.

Big Data and Analytics Solutions

Our solutions focus on adding value through voluminous transactions and unstructured data. We can help you improve your service offerings, create stronger customer relationships and create value-driven loyalty programs.

Fashion delivery Chain Optimization Service

Our dedicated strategies aim at optimizing the overall system for the fashion supply chain. This results in efficient pricing sales by following an intuitive approach for modelling and simulation.

Material Tracking Arrangemen

We create a unique tracking system that implements mobile solutions flexibly and efficiently at a rapid pace. We cover various sectors as Logistics, Product Tracking, Inventory, and Services.


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